The response to the UIA2014 Durban World Congress has been overwhelmingly positive, thanks to the vibrant and convivial energy generated at the event that created a space of meeting, interaction and community; as well as the reach of the content and the impact that it had on those who attended.

We, the UIA 2014 Working Team and Organisation Committee, have had phenomenal feedback about the high calibre of the Keynote Speakers, the engaging Panel Discussions, the inspiring Exhibitions in the ICC and DEC, the exciting street activators and public projects around the City and the Programme as a whole – which have all been absolutely inspiring.

We have also had tremendously positive comments in respect of how the event was organized – indeed, at the post-event feedback by the UIA 2014 Executive Team at the UIA General Assembly on Saturday 9th August, we received a standing ovaton from the over 250 UIA Delegates present. Since then, we have been receiving Congratulatory messages and appreciation from around the world.

A Lasting Legacy 
In addition to the anticipated lasting impact that the Congress debates and discussions will have on the thinking and perceptions of those who attended, there are a number of tangible direct outcomes from the
event that are being recorded on the UIA2014 website under the link LEGACY

So far these include:

  • UIA2014 Congress Declaration
  • UIA2014 Students Charter
  • UIA Awards Announcement
  • SA Planning Institute: Statement of Intent
  • 2050 Imperative on Carbon Emissions: Adopted by the UIA on Friday 8th August 2014

Ultmately, UIA 2014 succeeded in its overarching intentons to create a broader awareness of Architecture
within the public realm, to develop a closer interaction between various stakeholders and the profession,
and to place the South African profession, and its achievements and challenges, within the global architectural
By Karen Eicker, UIA2014 Commissary General

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