OMA Silver Jubilee Celebration



On Saturday 1st March 2014, Mali Order of Architects celebrated her 25th Anniversary with the theme: “Promoting Traditional African Architectural Heritage, Peace & Development”.
The ceremony took place under the distinguished chairmanship of the newly appointed Prime Minister of Mali Republic, His Excellency, Mr. Moussa Mara, (the then Minister for Habitat and City Policy during the event), in the presence of Mr. Mohamed Ali Bathily , Mali Minister for Justice and AUA President, Arc. Tokunbo Omisore as the Special Guest of Honour of this prestigious event.
The 40-Member Countries of the Africa Union of Architects join the President in congratulating His Excellency Mr. Moussa Mara, on his new appointment as the Prime Minister of Mali, and wishes that his term in office will take Mali to greater heights.

After the meeting, AUA President presented the points adopted during the Strategic Council of the OMA Members, on 2nd February 2014, which were adopted by Mr. Lazare Eloundou, the Representative of UNESCO Office in Mali, as follows:

  • Regarding the upcoming event of the 14th March 2014, Messrs. Ahmadu Bore & Issaka Timbely of AUA & OMA respectively, will contact the Malian Ministry of Culture to implement the suggestion of the AUA President as follows:
  1. The Order of Mali Architects (OMA) will work closely with UNESCO team to rebuild and understudy the fourteen (14) Shrines destroyed in Timbuktu and environs.
  2. OMA President, Mr. Issa Timbely, the AUA Vice President West Region, Mr. Amadou Bore, and others will attend and support the UNESCO reconstruction activity on 14th March 2014 in Timbuktu.
  3. The requested Resident Architect(s) to understudy and supervise the reconstruction works process will be provided by the OMA at a reasonable remuneration to UNESCO.
  • The proposed plan to integrate modern and traditional African Architecture, through a “Special School of Architecture” to be developed in Mali in the nearest future by OMA with the support of the AUA and her 40-Member Countries. Mr. Gaetan Siew , the AUA Trustee and Chairman, Visions & Strategy, will take this up with UNESCO on behalf of the AUA and the OMA especially the proposed Competition for the Reconstruction of the Monument Al Farouk destroyed in Timbuktu.
  • The AUA plans to showcase the African Architectural Heritage in Mali at the upcoming UIA Congress in Durban, 1st – 10th August 2014. This will be achieved with the assistance of Ms. Firdaous Oussidhoum, the AUA Director External Relations and the OMA.

At the Conference held to mark the 25th Anniversary of the OMA the AUA charged the Malian Architects with the task to:

  • Support the protection and promote the awareness of the African Architectural identity through the heritage deeply rooted in Mali.
  • Understudy the traditional African Architecture of Timbuktu and its cultural values.
  • Join the AUA rebranding of the African Architecture and exhibit the traditional African Architecture of Timbuktu and environs at the International Union of Architects Congress in Durban August 2014.

For more information on the above, the AUA recommends the book (cover shown to the left) written by Mr. Eloundo Lazare, the Uneconomical Chief-in-Charge of Heritage in Africa now posted to the UN Office in Mali.

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