‘It was and still is my considered opinion that the Durban 2014 World Architecture Congress is setting a unique precedent in exploring the future of our Continent’s built environment rather than the regrettable past that Africa has endured for so many years under colonialism. It is this objective that drove me to Strasbourg in October 2012 to convince the World body that Africans cannot be reduced to being “spectators to their sister’s wedding,” to use President Omisore’s words.

Our plea for varied festivities organised through our respective African Government Departments of Arts and Culture, should leave the attendees with a real and lasting African experience. It is about the future of our profession, as well as the future of our continent.

Otherwhere, ‘ou autrement-ailleurs’ en francais, is a word that does not exist in any language. It is specifically crafted to focus the minds of delegates and speakers alike to envisage a global future that we have not begun to foresee, and the crucial role that Africa has to play in that future. This is the opportunity for ‘making the case for Africa’ in the minds of international delegates and decision makers.

It is about firmly driving the message:

  • that Africa is a place to be reckoned with in the world when it comes to true innovative thinking within the built environment
  • Africa is incredibly fertile in breeding top class intellectuals, conceptualising original and affordable solutions to address the global broader sustainability imperatives,
  • Lastly, because the social component of the sustainability equation is particularly prominent and urgently demanding.

Africa’s time has come, I urge you all to continue being part of shaping the way the world is looking at our
beautiful and diverse continent!

May I once again wish the AUA Council every success in her endeavours’.
Merci beaucoup

Thank You
Sindile Ngonyama Pr. Arch; MIArch.
SAIA President


Africa Union of Architects celebrated her 33rd Anniversary

Africa Union of Architects celebrated her 33rd Anniversary on May 23rd 2013, which also coincided with the 1st Anniversary of the re-launching of her Newsletter.

We use this opportunity to thank you for your support, encouragement, contributions, well wishes and active participation to the success of this letter of information whose aim is to provide all cadre of Architects in Africa with a platform for mentorship, networking, grants, exchange of programs for Schools of Architecture, as well as a common ground to inter-relate.
We also wish to emphasize that this platform is yours to benefit from and utilize without reservation in order to promote African home-grown ideas, ideals, concepts and products.

Kindly send your articles, thoughts, quotes, ideas, pictures of architectural pieces, etc. that you wish to share to our Editorial Team to enrich ( our Newsletter.

Welcome on Board.